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Memories from Beijing, China erotic story

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Beijing, Beijing, I have sweet memories from one of the most populous cities in the world. My story from Beijing begins in a very hot morning, when my agency woke me up very early, because they were asked by a client if I could perform an outcall in 1 hour. I told them I cannot be ready, because time is short, but in 2 hours I can be at the man’s place.

After few minutes, my agency called me back, they told me I can prepare myself, because the guy booked me for 3 hours. In 1.5 hours I was ready, but I needed 45 minutes with taxi to arrive there. The architecture of Chinese houses attracted me all the time, but I never had the opportunity to visit a house inside before, so I was unabashed and I asked me client to show me everything from inside.

You know the little Chinese houses? The red color of them? The rooms are different from ours, because everything is red inside too, but this color creates a passionate atmosphere, you can have good sex in those rooms.

First time he invited me in a room, where very undersized table was on the middle of the room, I had to stay on the ground on some kind of pillows, but there the action began. We drank our teas, he told me he wanted a blowjob right there, because he wanted to fuck me on that table. I unzipped his pants, I started to play with his balls with my tongue, but his cock was already strong as a stone, and I could feel with each pulsation, that his cock wants to arrive in my mouth. I started to suck his dick very slowly, than I moved my head faster and faster, while with my hand I was playing with his balls. At a moment he pulled my hair, he took me in his arms and “threw” me on the table, where he was playing with my pussy. He was licking me very fast, so in just few seconds I was very wet.

When he saw that I am very excited too, he put the condom on his strong dick, which wasn’t so big, but he knew how to use it. He penetrated me, we started to fuck, very slowly at the beginning, but when he saw how good I could move my ass, he wanted to show me he is very good too, so at the end we fucked in many positions, like some “animals”. I enjoyed each second, but I was surprised, because my Chinese boy came in my mouth just after around 30 minutes of hard sex.

In 3 hours of meeting, we fucked a lot, but I have to admit, I liked to have sex with this little guy, in his little, but beautiful house.

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